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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

 All good things must come to an end, goes an old saying and that's exactly what seems to have happened to the 4 year old honeymoon between Shahid and Kareena.

The apparent break- up got loud and now it's getting louder with each day. Till now there were only wild guessing games and speculations in the corridors of tinsel ville about this new love triangle brewing in with the coming in of Saif Ali Khan.

 The final blow came in their already strained relationship when Shahid did not show for Kareena's birthday last week. It was presumed that Shahid would be making an attempt to salvage his relationship by flying down from Toronto to surprise Kareena on her birthday but he dumped his plans to fly back to Mumbai for after the increased media coverage about his gal with Saif. He is extremely upset presently and sulking in Canada at the Lucky Charm film shoot, if sources are to be believed.
 "It was not known whether he spoke to Kareena on her birthday or not but he definitely was not in his elements on Friday, her birthday. Since last Monday, we saw a visible change in his over all attitude. The enthusiasm visible last week over his excitement to make it to Mumbai for his girl's birthday was noticeably fading with each passing day," tell our sources.
Reports had been pouring in from all over the media about Kareena's growing fondness for her Tashan co-star. Last Monday onwards, the stories got more juicier with detailed information about how and where the Chote Nawaab was publicly spotted escorting the Kapoor girl, also including reports of them seen having a late night swim around the pool's closing time at a five star hotel in Mumbai.
 Bebo’s closeness with Saif Ali Khan is becoming open to everybody now. Recently, when Kareena was attending the music release function of her forthcoming film ‘ Jab We Met’, Saif was waiting in his car to pick her up. And after the function was over, Kareena left with Saif in his car, rather than her own car, which trailed dutifully behind Saif car.

Shahid's closest pals in Mumbai too have admitted to their buddy's depressed state of mind. The few ones who were confident about nothing being wrong with the couple are hinting at something having terribly going haywire rapidly. A close pal of Shahid from the industry wishing anonymity claimed, "His personal life presently is definitely having problems. I have been trying to speak to him for the last 3 days but he is either disconnecting my calls or simply not picking them up. No sms have been replied to either. This is all very unlike Shahid."

 In fact, the relationship between Kareena and Shahid had become almost incompatible and hence it was decided on the part of the gorgeous actress to end it gracefully and move over, rather than be stuck in an unpleasant relationship forever. She has a very good understanding with Saif and the two are very comfortable with each other.
 None of the three are coming out with a statement about what is actually happening and is enjoying keeping everyone guessing. Interestingly, Saif's hanging out with Bipasha has drastically reduced since the time he has moved his attention to Bebo. Finally, Kareena seems to have made up her mind to play a new innings with chote nawab. Keep watching this space for more on this love triangle we will be the first to keep you inform.(adilrehman)...


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