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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Slavche Tanevski, an automotive designer of the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany has come out with an exceptional concept, The Mercedes-Benz Aria. The main goal was to design a sedan with a timeless design, which could combine a lustrous silhouette with dynamic proportions as well as sculptural surfaces. Giving the car high definition and character is the body surfaces, highly inspired by female body, violin, the Coke-Bottle that is supported by articulated lines. The way the interior is allied to the body and its modularity appears to be the main characteristic feature of the sedan. Rather than being welded to the exterior, the interior has been wired to the copper skeleton, which makes it interchangeable rather easily, like home furniture.

Designer : Slavche Tanevski

This magnificent connection system offers better comfort and enables a sense of flying for the passengers. Giving a feeling of freedom is the cabin’s airy ambience. The choice of materials also adds to the beauty of the sedan. Copper and aluminum is used to express strength, whereas leather as well as piano black surfaces are epitome of high class and exclusivity. On the whole, this innovative design concept is deserves much appreciation.


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