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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Concept device Just Flex It

just Flex It device is lightweight and perfect for travelers who require both a phone and something a little more extensive. When using the bigger ‘tablet,’ the smaller screen shuts off to save power. Not only does it keep the user organized and in touch with friends and family, it also comes in a very stylish package that seems inspired by Apple’s own products. The device had to be used comfortably both in the interior of the automobile and outside of it. The form is such that the camera for video communication in real time is positioned in the same place for both positions – opened and closed. You can use the small touchscreen display when the device is closed. When you open it the big flexible touchscreen shows up and the small one stops working to save battery. It device was created, which basically closes the gap between smartphones and tablets. A malleable multimedia gadget, the Just Flex It device looks like a smartphone when snapped shut, but then takes on the form of a tablet with unfolded.   


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