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Thursday, June 13, 2013


HTC is scaling its lauded One flagship down and up – we already saw the One mini, now thanks to some spy shots we're getting a closer look at the Butterfly S, an update on the company's first 1080p phone with One hardware.
One of the most noticeable changes is that the loudspeaker on the back has been removed, instead there are two BoomSound loudspeakers on the front. Those maintain the design of the Butterfly speakers, instead of going for the One look.

 In fact, the whole HTC Butterfly S sticks closely to the original design, which means a polycarbonate exterior instead of the aluminum unibody that has become the signature of the HTC One.
Another One trait – the two button arrangement has been replaced by standard three capacitive buttons.
Rumored specs for the HTC Butterfly S include a 5" 1080p screen as the original, Snapdragon 600 chipset (upgrade from S4 Pro), UltraPixel camera and microSD card slot.
HTC has sent out invites for a June 19 event when it will officially announce the Butterfly S and show off the new Desire 600. That's a day ahead of Samsung's Ativ and Galaxy event.
 The soon-to-be-announced Sony Xperia ZU (standing for Z Ultra) has appeared in a photo taken in the wild. That's not the first time we take a glimpse of Sony's first phablet, but it's the first time we see its 6.44-inch display turned on.

Just like the Xperia Z, the Xperia Z Ultra will have a Nexus-like trio of on-screen buttons at the bottom of its full HD display. The purported photo of the smartphone above might very well be fabricated, but it looks pretty convincing to us.
We've already seen Sony's hint of the Xperia Z Ultra (codenamed Togari) in the official press invitation, confirming the device will feature a really thin profile, but we don't yet know how the sheer size of the smartphone will affect its weight.
Regardless, the photo voids a rumor from yesterday, which suggested Sony is going to make some changes to the way its custom UI looked with Android 4.2. Seeing from the photo above, that couldn't be further from the truth, as the Xperia Z Ultra seems to look in line with previous versions of the UI.
Update: Many of you believe that the smartphone on the photo is in fact the Xperia ZR and upon a closer inspection we agree it's a possibility. However, the smartphone shown on the photo looks to be a lot bigger than 4.55 inches, which lead us to believe its the Xperia Z Ultra.
Nevertheless, many of you are right in thinking the edges of the phone in the photo above aren't as straight as previous leaks of the Xperia Z Ultra have showed. Since there isn't a very clear photo of the Xperia Z Ultra yet, it's anyone's guess what we are actually looking at.
Meanwhile, a new alleged photo

We already got familiar with the upcoming Nokia EOS cameraphone and concluded it looked pretty similar to the Nokia Lumia 920.
However, Vizileaks, one of the main sources of the Nokia EOS leaks has taken yet another photo of the Windows Phone 8-running cameraphone to show the world just how visually similar the new Nokia flagship is to its predecessor.
Not many differences can be spotted at first sight, but looking closer reveals that Nokia has changed the position of the logo and the front-facing camera on the EOS. The screen of the Nokia EOS also extends just a bit more, than the Lumia 920, leaving a very thin plastic frame below it.
Naturally, the Nokia EOS stands at an angle as its camera hump protrudes quite a lot. We are eager to compare it to the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, but Nokia hasn't mentioned anything yet about a potential official announcement of the EOS.


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