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Monday, October 20, 2014

Common Errors on Libetagia and Their Solutions

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1st error which occurred recently was the page Login issue when you try to login to Libertagia it does not Login
There are two Reasons :
one reason is that the page continues to loading the paging and it does not stop ( sometimes it stops and load the page successfully but mostly it continues loading )
so the solution of this error is you can manually stop the loading of the page as you can see in the image below

Click on the X button on chrome and the same on other browsers it will stop loading page

Note " First let the page load it wait for 10 to 15 sec if it does not load then you can manually stop it and the page will be loaded successfully "

2nd Error After loading the page when you try to Login the the cursor remains the same and does not respond , if it work fine when you move your cursor to Login button it will show an hand icon as cursor "
as you try many times to press Login button button but it will not respond so the solution of this problem is that  " First you uncheck the i accept the Terms of use ... now check it again , ( click the box next to i accept the terms to uncheck it now click again to check it ) after this when you click on Login it will respond " i tried it many times and this method work perfect .

3rd Error is in doing tasks when you start task you see that timer does not start so not need to worry you can refresh the page and next time it will start
some more errors are like Entering wrong CAPTCHA you can enter agian the captcha or you can click on the new captcha button which is next to the captcha box on the left side

if you still have any error feel free to ask me on Facebook Profile i will try to resolve it
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